Protect Our Water By Fixing Indiana Law

Although recent discussions of the Michindoh aquifer have focused on Ohio issues. The recent changes in Ohio law from HB 166, combined with Ohio's reasonable use court doctrine make serious long terms problems from a well in Ohio depleting or polluting the aquifer very unlikely.

Unfortunately, this is not the case with wells in Indiana.

Indiana is one of three states who have not actively dealt with the outdated and unfair idea of “Absolute Dominion”.

Absolute dominion in Indiana water law allows a user to take out as much water as they want, even if it impairs their neighbors access to water.

Watch the video to learn more.

Scientist Ecologist Taking a Water Sample in the Forest

Protect your right and access to fresh water by contacting Your Representatives Today!

Whether you are in Indiana or Ohio, the best thing you can do is to contact your representatives today, and ask them to work on this issue.